How Henry rolls

Equipment -

I've got a few bits and pieces to cater for different situations, but most of what I need I can get onto my trolley and into a backpack, making getting round London significantly less stressful.

  • Emmons S10 10 String P/P Pedal Steel Guitar
  • Williams 12 String Universal Pedal Steel Guitar
  • Marlen E9 10 String Pedal Steel Guitar
  • Fender 75 Valve amp with 15" Speaker
  • Goodrich 120L Volume Pedal
  • Hilton Volume Pedal
  • Yamaha G112 100 Watt Amplifier
  • Roland SuperCube 100 Watt Amplifier with 15" Speaker
  • Mesa Boogie Studio 22+
  • Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
  • Boss DM-2 Analog Delay
  • Boss RT-20 Rotary Ensemble
  • Cussack Screamer Fuzz